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Metropolis Theatre - "Where the Condors Fly" in Hamburg (GER)

Another chance to watch "Where the Condors Fly" on big cinema screen: Metropolis Theatre in Hamburg shows Carlos Kleins reflection about the limitations and possibilities of documentary filmmaking on

Screening date
: Tuesday, octobre 7 at 9.15 pm, Metropolis Theatre, Hamburg

Our new film project - young documentary HOLY ZOO

GiraffenWe are very happy to announce our new film project! TM Film produces the young documentary
"HOLY ZOO - News from the Old City" by director Katharina Waisburd, graduant student at Film Academy Baden-Wurttemberg. HOLY ZOO is about people and animals passing their time in Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo and about how employees and visitors overcome walls and boundaries in daily life in order to interact - in the zoo and in the divided city.
Our team is currently on-site for the first shooting period and experiences how violent struggles in Jerusalem challenge friendship and team spirit among zoo employees and visitors since the beginning of July.

Here you find more detailed informations about the film HOLY ZOO

Summer Cinema - "Where the Condors Fly" in Singen (GER)

Summernights invite to philosophize - theatre Weitwinkel Kino Singen to a screening of "Where the Condors Fly". The cultural association GEMS and the communal theatre show the film in their section "What is cinema?" where they ask about nature of film, created by attitude, form and technical setting. Carlos Kleins cinematographic reflection about filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky, shooting his film "Long live the antipodes", puts the same question and visualizes ambivalences and posibilities of actual documentary creation. A double screening together with Victor Kossakovsky's film allows a further reflection.

Screening date
: Tuesday, august 26 at 9.15 pm, Weitwinkel Kino Singen. Get your ticket here

"Where the Condors Fly" on TV and DVD

Carlos Klein´s feature documentary about´filming Fitzcarraldo´ Victor Kossakovsky is going to be screened on German Television for the first time titled "Searching for the magic picture" (OT Where the Condors Fly).
For those who prefer to decide about their time schedule themselves we offer the DVD of the film!

"Where the Condors Fly" Press material and trailer

IM TV: First Screening in Germany on Public Broadcaster
Bayerischer Rundfunk
in the night from Tuesday, 13. to Wednesday, 14. May
Screening Time: 14. May at 0:05 am

"Where the Condors Fly" at International Film Festivals

"Where the Condors Fly" by Carlos Klein celebrates its Israelian festival premiere in March. The Museum of Art Tel Aviv is screening the documentary at EPOS The International Art Film Festival. Fitting in with its award at the Festival Temps d'Images as "most original cinema feature on art", the film is programmed in the section "Film as Art".

EPOS The International Art Film Festival, Israel
, in the section "Film as Art"
Screening dates:
23. March at 6 pm, Assia Auditorium, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
29. March at 10 am, Recanati Auditorium, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Temps d'Images, Portugal

The reason of the Festival Jury: "'Where the Condors Fly' stands out for its original way to mediate the importance of art for society."

"Where the Condors Fly" - Theatrical Release in Chile

"Where the Condors Fly" (span. title: Dónde vuelan los cóndores) premieres in Chilean theatres! The cinematographic reflection about filmmaking is to be seen in the town of origin of filmmaker Carlos Klein at Cinemateca Nacional and Centro Arte Alameda.

Premiere: 25. Novembre, Cinema Hoyts La Reina
from 28. Novembre
at Cineteca del Palacio de La Moneda

from 4. Decembre at Centro Arte Alameda

"Where the Condors Fly" - Festivals in Belgium, Chile and Portugal

"Where the Condors Fly" (span. title: Dónde vuelan los cóndores) is invited again to participate at International Film Festivals. Screenings of Carlos Klein's reflection about filmmaking are taking place in Belgium, Chile and Portugal.

Festival de Cine Latinoamericano
, Flanders, Belgium, Documentary Competition
Screening date: 8. Novembre at 8 pm, Pianofabriek Fortstraat 35, Bruxelles
Festival Antofadocs in Maria Elena, Chile
Screening date: 11. Novembre

Festival Internacional de Cine de Viña del Mar (FICViña), Chile, Panorama NacionalChile
Screening date: 21. Novembre at 9.45 pm

Festival Temps d'Images, Portugal
Screening date: 22. Novembre at 10 pm, Museu de História Natural e da Ciencia, Lissabon

DVD-Release of "Where the Condors Fly"

We are glad to announce our DVD-release! A DVD with the long cinema version of "Where the Condors Fly" is now available.


Where the Condors Fly
– A Documentary by Carlos Klein, 90 Min.

VO: English, Russian, Spanish; Subtitles: English, Spanish, German,
French / PAL, codefree » Trailer
ORDER YOUR PERSONAL DVD NOW PER MAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Single DVD "Where the Condors Fly": unit price à 17 € + shipping charges

***Exquisitely cultivated reflection about filmmaking nowadays.*** filmjournalisten.de

"Dónde vuelan los cóndores" (OT WHERE THE CONDORS FLY) by Carlos Klein is this year's winner of International Documentary Film Festival Antofadocs in Chile. Congratulations for being awarded "Best Cinema Fetaure"!

"Where the Condors Fly" on TV and festival screenings

Carlos Klein's documentary continues its festival career after a short summer break. In Septembre, International Film Festivals in Chile, Italy and Argentina have chosen"Where the Condors Fly" (span. title: Dónde vuelan los cóndores) for their competitive sections. Besides this, the cinematographic journey with 'filming Fitzcarraldo' will be broadcasted by Swiss Television. 


The 52-minute TV-Version "Where the Condors Fly - In search of the magic picture" is going to be broadcasted for the first time
Swiss Public Television Channel SRF1 in the slot  "Sternstunde Kunst".
Screening dates:

Sunday, 8. Septembre at 11.55 am, SRF 1
Monday, 9. Septembre at 0.10 am, SRF info
Tuesday, 10. Septembre at 13 am, SRF info
Saturday, 14. Septembre at 9.50 am, SRF 1

Further screenings at International Filmfestivals in septembre:
Sole Luna Film Festival, Palermo (16. - 22.9.)

Screening date: 17. Septembre at 9 pm, Galleria, Competition "Latinamerican Documentaries"
FIDBA Festival Internacional de Documentales Cinema Buenos Aires (18.-22.9.)
Screening dates:
21. Septembre at 5 pm, Cine Cosmos, Competition "Latinamerican Documentary Film"
22. Septembre at 4 pm, Centro Cultural San Martín, Competition "Latinamerican Documentary Film"

"Where the Condors Fly" on screen III

Carlos Klein's documentary "Where the Condors Fly" has been nominated for the Basel Film Award and is going to be screened as competing feature at ZOOM Festival - once more on theatre screen in Basel. Further stations in June are Bremen and Buenos Aires.

ZOOM - Basler Filme im Fokus

Screening date: Saturday, 1. June bloc 6 at 4.30 pm, theatre kult.kino Atelier in Basel

REC Festival de Universidades Públicas (4.-8.6.), Buenos Aires

Screening date: Friday, 7. June at 8.30 pm, Sala Conferencias

CITY46 Kommunales Kino Bremen
In cooperation with NordWestRadio and Easteuropean Research Institute
Screening date: 16. June at 8.30 pm

"Where the Condors Fly" Press material
and trailer